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What To Do In London For Free

Thinking of visiting London during the vacations? Have you been wondering if you can have a great time in London without spending a great deal of cash? London is a hub of activity the whole year round and there are just so many interesting things to do while staying in London. Though it’s a known fact that staying in London can be pretty expensive, below we have listed 25 interesting things what to do in London for free. So you get a great deal without having to spend any cash at all.

1. Visit The British Museum

One of the best museums ever and the great thing about it is that the entry is totally free. So if you are a family on vacation, take your brood to the British Museum and let them have a wonderful time.

The British Museum The British Museum

2. A Trip To The Borough Market

To view the hustle and bustle of London in a market which has been standing since the 13th century is an education in itself. Get a look at this historical place for free and where the most scrumptious food is served (not for free of course).

Borough Market Borough Market

3. The Museum Of London

Rich with Anglo Saxon history the Museum of London is definitely worth a visit. It holds complete documentation to the history of London from the pre-historic times to the modern times.

The Museum Of London The Museum Of London

4. A Visit To The Parliament House

A place where some of the major decisions in history have taken place, the Parliament House is definitely worth one visit while staying in London. You can even get reservations to watch the parliament in action!

Parliament House Parliament House

5. Visiting The Art Galleries

Art galleries like the Tate Modern and Tate Britain is a wonderful way to do something interesting in Britain. The galleries are filled with art from the 16th century till the modern time. These galleries stay open till late in the night and are a great tourist attraction.

Art Galleries Art Galleries

6. Visiting Queen Mary’s Garden

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park is a favorite spot of most tourists. It’s got some of the best flowers in the whole city which are aesthetically appealing and a treat for the senses. The best thing is that it’s one of London’s free attractions.

Queen Mary’s Garden Queen Mary’s Garden

7. Visiting Hyde Park And Kensington Park

Whether you are a family on vacation, a new couple or simply alone these parks offer a wonderful solace and with free entry it’s no wonder that these are popular tourist attractions.

Hyde Park Kensington Park

8. Make Sure To View The Changing Of The Guard

During summer this historical ceremony takes place every day and in winters every alternate day. Be sure to visit at 11: 30 am sharp to view this wonderful spectacle right outside the gate of Buckingham Palace.

Changing Of The Guard Changing Of The Guard

9. Take A Free Walking Tour Of The South Bank Area

This stretch of land offers a number of important London landmarks. Some of these include a view of the beautiful river Thames, the London Eye and the Tate Modern. With so much to see enjoy this free attraction to your heart’s content.

The South Bank Area The South Bank Area

10. Trafalgar Square

If you happen to be in London around Christmas make sure to visit the Trafalgar square. The main reason because it’s one of the free things to do in London. Another reason is, each year Norway donates a beautiful Christmas tree to Thank Britain for liberating it from the Nazis.

Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square

11. Watch Free Performers At The Covent Garden Market

Enjoy this free London attraction with your family where various artists perform for your enjoyment. All these performers are licensed and professionally trained to carry out all these acts.

The Covent Garden Market The Covent Garden Market

12. Watch Free Recitals At The Royal Opera House

If you love music and poetry than you will enjoy listening it for free at the Royal Opera House every Monday.

The Royal Opera House The Royal Opera House

13. A Visit To Fitzroy House

Another of the free things to do in London, is a visit to the Fitzroy House of L. Ron Hubbard the founder of scientology. You can view the life works of Ron Hubbard and view the restored building as well.

Fitzroy House

14. Speaker’s Corner

Watch the historical place where famous men like Karl Marx and Lenin assembled to spread their ideas. Though you might not find such famous people in this day nonetheless the speaker’s corner does require one visit at least.

Speaker’s CornerSpeaker’s Corner

15. Diana Memorial Playground

If you are in London with your kids and looking for free things to do in London, than a visit to this park is mandatory. It’s got an amazing play area for the kids which they are going to love!

Diana Memorial Playground Diana Memorial Playground

16. Coram’s Field

Looking for some place stimulating and interesting for your kids? Then make sure to visit the Coram’s Fields which has a free entry to the children’s play ground.

Coram’s Field Coram’s Field

17. Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens offer a myriad of activities for kids of all ages and for free as well. The kids can have some fun at the Treetop High Walkway, Climbers and Creepers and Tree House Towers.

Kew Gardens Kew Gardens

18. The Natural History Museum

The dinosaurs at the natural history museum are very attractive to the children, but that’s not all that there is to the natural history museum. A walk down the investigate science centre offers great fun for kids and adults alike where you get to handle all the plants, animals and geological stuff as well.

The Natural History Museum The Natural History Museum

19. Watch The Ceremony of The Keys

This event takes place every night at the tower of London and is a tradition which has been carried out for the past 700 years. The public can also assist the wardens in locking the keys if they apply well in advance.

Ceremony of The Keys Ceremony of The Keys

20. Attend Free Lectures At Gresham College

This can prove to be interesting for those who love learning no matter what their age. Free lectures are provided at the Gresham College every day for the general public to promote free learning.

Gresham College Gresham College

21. Mudlarking In London

Once a recognized profession, these days mudlarking has become more of a recreation for the tourists. You can comb the banks of Thames for any trinkets or treasures which may have been dropped at sea. Who knows you might get lucky finding treasure!

Mudlarking In London Mudlarking In London

22. Watch Few Animals At The London Zoo For Free

Spending the whole day at the London Zoo is a great way of keeping your kids entertained. You can even get to see some animals for free at the zoo. The kids can watch the river hogs, giraffes and okapis for free.

London ZOO London ZOO

23. Visit The King’s Place

The king’s place is an interesting place to visit simply because of its architectural magnificence and all the exhibitions kept over there allow entry for free.

The King’s Place The King’s Place

24. Get Your Picture Taken While Standing On The Prime Meridian

Want to have a keepsake which you will remember for a long time? Have your picture taken on the prime meridian line at Greenwich for free. Climb up to the royal observatory and stand at the metal strip while being in the eastern and western meridian at the same time!

Prime Meridian Prime Meridian

25. Free Skating

London is well known for its skating parks and there are many opportunities where people can skate for free as well. The Easy Peasy skate event is kept every Saturday night starting from Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park.

Free Skating Free Skating

With such a long list of things to do for free it’s no wonder that you and your family will have a great time while vacationing in London. Make sure to plan ahead so that each excursion is a success and is enjoyable for everyone.

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